Opus Pocus - the Magic of Music
  Music is the voice of the heart
and the breath of the soul.
25 September 2013 Lakmé in Montréal
  A few days ago Alison and I drove to Montréal to attend the opening of the Opéra de Montréal's production of Lakmé. You can read my review and see some photos of the eye-popping production by clicking here.
24 September 2013 Welcome the the latest (and vastly simplified) iteration of Opus Pocus.

If you remember the original Opus Pocus with its elaborate (and I think striking) design, you may be disappointed in this new blog-like approach, but I think that you'll find its content flowing more consistently. My first item will be a review of Opéra de Montréal's Lakmé. It should be available tomorrow around noon.

I will eventually make some of the contents of the old site available, particularly the DVD reviews. There will also be new reviews attached to this blog.

As in the past, reader feedback will be greatly appreciated and, where appropriate, published here.